Let’s start with the how the heck do you say my name?! Don’t worry it’s totally been a thing since kindergarten and I’m just trying to help you avoid that awkward “Hey girl” at the beginning of our phone call! 
Here you go.

I have been photographing sweet love stories for over a decade and throughout the hundreds of couples i've served i've learned that the most important part of serving people well is connection.

I'm Siobhan.

Hey hey hey!

I’ve been photographing weddings for 11 years now.

i live for good dance floors

One of my favorite parts of traveling for work is hopping off a plane, getting into a rental car, and finding a really good and local place to eat.

my favorite place to be is the beach

I am a HYPE WOMAN, less excited people would call this an “encourager” but I can live in all caps sometimes. 

i am always up for an adventure

Some more facts about me:

which means that I am here to just serve you really really well just as you are. My goal is to show you how beautiful you are as yourself in the in between moments. I want to be able to create a comfortable place for you and your loved ones to just be yourselves and breathe easy so that the images of your biggest memories will be ones filled with the fun and laughs and tears and all the dancing. 

I have a heart for people and the grace with which they try to live their lives,

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